• It was really a wonderful journey that we had so far with Fin. We envisioned a world where technology can literally run on one’s palm. We wanted to revolutionise the human machine interfaces into the next level of interaction. And as an initial step we developed a prototype for Fin.
  • We believed in our product and wanted to share our idea with the world. We launched our crowdfunding campaign and we got an overwhelming response for our idea. Thank you to each and every backer who supported us in the journey. This gave the team extra boost to work hard and make the product a reality. We went with multiple cycles of prototyping and came up with a stable prototype with initial features.
  • We then realized making hardware is really hard. We went onto venture funding realising that a quality product cannot be made with what we had in hand. We are grateful to our investors who believed in us and supported us.
  • We realized ring needed to be simpler and functional. We understood the fact that people can’t remember which section of their palm was assigned for which functionality. This became a major challenge in the aspect of user experience.
  • We didn’t want to make a namesake product, which was hard to be adopted. Instead we made a ring, which is more user-friendly and easy to use with most common natural gestures like swipe and tap. That’s how the new concept was born.
  • In 200 days we went through the entire product cycle and even though late and delayed from the originally promised timelines, we feel we have built something very meaningful and useful.
  • We were guided by some strong product people who made sure that we don’t deviate from what we believe and were there in our daily life supporting us for every detail.
  • After long days, unending weeks and reaching to the light at the end of the tunnel, Fin’s concept is finally a reality, in a form of a smart ring.
  • We welcome you to discover the "new", in peace

  • from all of us @finRobotics
    november, 2015